Longdo Go

Longdo Go

Longdo Go is a service that enables users to create a unique easy-to-remember URL that redirects other URL that might be difficult for customers to remember.


  • URL redirect link from http://go.longdo.com/XXXXX to a user URL (e.g., http://map.longdo.com/p/A10000001/) so that the URL is easier to remember for customers.
  • Web interface for subscription and editing the destination URL
  • MM reservers the right to determine whether the XXXXX redirect URL is acceptable based on several criteria, e.g., it should be polite, appropriate, and not assuming other businesses' identities.
  • The URL will be listed and searchable at the Longdo Go (http://go.longdo.com) page.


  • 1,800 Baht / URL / year (equivalent to 150 Baht/month or 5 Baht/day) + VAT
  • SPECIAL PROMOTION: FREE 1 Location Detail Page Locking per 1 Longdo Go URL (worth 1,800 Baht / year)
  • If you have an affiliate or promotional code, please be sure to enter it at the registration and renewal time.